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Online Learning Journey

"The online Learning Journey is just brilliant. It gives us a fascinating window into what our son gets up to at Little Dragons. We adore seeing the amazing updates, videos and photos and reading the regular assessments too!"

 - Little Dragons Parent

At Little Dragons we use the online learning journal 'Learning Book' to help us record, track and celebrate your childs progress in early years education.

Little Dragons is fun-packed and busy. From messy play and exploring the world, to learning phonics and new games; there's so much for your child to do, learn and take in. Learning Book enhances this special time, helping our staff to capture their experiences and monitor their development and learning. This unique journal is shared online with you, and you'll be able to see those special moments and view your child's progress at Little Dragons.

Having everything available online means there is no need for using ring binders or scrapbooks as learning records or written notes and glued-in photos. When your child leaves Little Dragons, you'll be able to keep a permanent version of their journal as a keepsake, either as a hard copy or on CD.
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