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As you will all be aware Little Dragons’ Pre-school is now partially closed from Monday 23rd March until further notice, except for key person’s children. This decision is one that all childcare providers have been advised to take. 

At this time we would like to share the following information:


  • This new page has been created especially on our Pre-school website suggesting ideas of activities for parents and children to take part in when they are at home.

  • Staff will check emails regularly during their working hours.

  • In addition to the ideas below, staff will be adding to and updating this page two times a week.

  • For those who are moving up to 'big school'

there are some really useful tips and activities on the Pacey website to help prepare your child for this transition. 

This windsock craft is so easy to do you’ll be ready to take it outside to play with in just minutes!

  • Dinosaur Theme Activity Links

Dinosaur Poem

Dinosaur Handprint

Dinosaur Pasta Art

Dinosaur Shapes

  • Bubble Foam

You can whip bubble bath up to make bubble foam.

A ratio of 2 to 1 bubble bath and water, with a couple drops of food colouring. Mix it up with an electric hand mixer until it’s completely foamy.

  • Rainbow Crafts Links

Rainbow Paper Plate​

Rainbow Hand & Foootprint Art

Rainbow Shaving Foam Art

  • Book Suggestions.

Little Red Riding Hood

Goldilocks and the Three Bears​

We hope you're all managing a few walks during the week and thought these books would link nicely as the characters go for a walk. If you don't have these stories as physical books they might be nice to act out with some props, dolls, teddies or even puppets you have drawn yourselves.

Simple activities and play ideas to help you develop your child's communication skills and find out about their amazing early development.

Searchable site of thousands of quality teaching and interactive resources.


Making yoga and mindfulness fun for kids.​

A fun idea for a sunny day! Can you find all the things on the list?

A short Video, explaining to children in Early Years why we are staying at home - we hope you find it useful.

  • Have fun exploring safely in your garden, can you see 3 green objects? What colour are the flowers? Can you draw what you see?

It would be lovely to see photographs or drawings of what you see.

  • Read a favourite story together, the children have really been enjoying Julia Donaldson books, some of their favourites being, ‘Monkey Puzzle’, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’, ‘Tabby McTat’ and ‘Room on the Broom’, you could share some of your favourite stories with us via a photograph on Learning book.

  • Sing some favourite songs, we all know ‘I Had A Little Turtle’ is one of our favourites and action songs are great to keep us all moving.

  • Encourage your child to join in counting to 10, this can just be reciting the numbers, counting objects, playing board games, counting the spots on the dice, etc. 

  • Make a colourful picture, you could display it in your window for anyone to see when passing.

  • Building with blocks, Lego, boxes, etc. write a list of things your child would like to make, a rocket, a rollercoaster, an amazing roller machine!, choose to make one weekly or more often depending on how elaborate they are!


A fun phonics game to play with your little one. You say the sounds and they have to blend the sounds together and splat the corresponding picture. If they can say the word as they splat then even better!

​We hope you have lots of fun and look forward to you sharing any photos of activities on the Learning book ‘at home’ tab. 

Your child’s key person can link your photos to the Early Years Curriculum to enable us to continue to support your child in their learning while we are away from the Pre-school.

Activity ideas

Don't forget to look after yourselves too- lots of great advice and tips on the NHS website and #EveryMindMatters. You are all doing an amazing job looking after your children but its important to take care of your own mental health too.

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